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Dear WoW playing friends,

I actually have a favour to ask of ye!

Sceenie of you with a certain NPC

"over in Thrallmar (Horde-side) in the Hellfire Peninsula, there's an NPC with a rather interesting name...

...Angela "The Claw" Kestrel."

It's my understanding that you have to be at least level 50?

Pwwweeaassseeee? It will entertain me.

I can find screenies of just her by herself, but I'd rather it be with someone i know, just cuz :)


Zorg has finally picked up one of the more endearing/annoying traits of cats with maine coon heritage(at least, I've never witnessed any other type of cat do this)....

The "stuff you love/that smells like you" drag and cuddle!

Boo does this all the time, and Zorg just did it now. They will pick up something of yours (with Boo, it was usually whatever jammies i wore the night before) and pick it up and drag it to wherever they wanna sleep, and snuggle it. Zorg just pulled Tiamat's sweater she was wearing earlier and left on the futon all the way from the futon, through the kitchen, into my room, curled up at my feet and went to sleep...

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It is highly amusing to tell someone exciting news, and have them so flabbergasted they lapse into their native language :) Hehhee
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Eviilllll addiction!

Evil evil addictive game!

We've been playing it almost every night the last few days. It is horridly addictive, and very simple to play. The rules are similar to Uno, but it's funner since there is a bit of structure and story behind it. Muahahha I can destroy an entire royal family with the flip of a card! There are three different rule sets to it , too. there are the basic rules (like uno without keeping score), the points rules (uno with keeping score, and an extra wild card), and a solitare version (which i haven't tried).

Soo addictive.


Weird al's straight outta lynwood is number 10 on the billboard charts.
the single "white and nerdy" is number 9 on the popular singles chart.
al is quoted "I did a little jig when I found out. It has always been a dream of mine."

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Poll #841842 Random!

Pick one!

Whiskers on kittens
raindrops on roses
Brown paper packages tied up with string
Bright copper kettles
warm woolen mittens
cream colored ponies
crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleighbells
schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
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Scaredy cat, literally!

So, starting this afternoon, everytime we tried to carry him into the living room, Zorg freaked out and ran away. He was refusing to come in and whining at us when we were in there. It took a while to figure out. He's horridly afraid of the roses I brought home. I had set them on the table in the living room. I finally got a clue when he kept staring at the table. I tried to bring him near them and he total flipped out and ran away.

As far as we know, this is the first time he's seen roses.. I brought him a petal and he seems okay with that. I moved the vase to the dresser in my room, and that's in the corner enough that he will come in the room, but will avoid that corner (convienently, that's the corner the mouse cage is in)

What a weirdo...
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