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stupid USPS

Bah! And I paid extra for Priority shipping. It was supposed to be here on Friday.
EDIT: Double bah. I just checked and both packages i'm waiting for were missent

"Track & Confirm

Search Results

Label/Receipt Number: Blah Blah My tracking number here
Status: Missent

Your item was misrouted. The error has been corrected and every effort is being made to deliver it as soon as possible. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. "

Wahhh I want my package Noooooowwwww!
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People are assholes

So frazzled and busy this morning, I almost forgot to post about how much people are assholes....
On the bus this morning, a girl got on the bus and put her bike on the rack in the front. When she went to get off the bus near downtown, her bike was gone. someone else has taken it.

Mean person!


I hate hate hate it when people eat sunflower seeds inside and spit out the hulls on the floor! It is so gross, and fscking rude! You people suck! Ugh. There were two people on the train this morning, spitting hulls out onto the floor of the train, there was this big pile of hulls by their feet. People do this inside the library too. It drives me nuts! They just spit them on the carpet, or leave them on the desk/computer! Uggghh! You people suck suck suck! Grrrrrr I Keel you! (Stabbity!)
Just spit them into a piece of paper or bring a little ziploc baggie and toss them when you are done! Sheesh.
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Awww I have mixed feeling about this one. From the "saving our ass against stupid American lawsuits" department. I bought a pack of Reese's peanut butter cups today. On the inside of the wrapper, in big bold letters is "Candy is a Treat, Consume in moderation."
I know it is bad for me, that's why I have them only once every few weeks. I don't need reminding. I suppose there are still people that do need reminding... I read some article recently that said the average American eats 20lbs of french fries a month. Gah. that's nearly 2 orders of small fries a day. Granted, I know people that eat like that, grabbing fast food for dinner every night. My arteries shudder at the thought of having that many fries.... Even when I worked at a fast food place, I only ate fries once or twice a week, so maybe 5 lbs of fries a month max! Granted, I am a bit worse about watching me cookie/candy/sweets stuff, but I try to be good about it.
It kinda annoys me though. It feels a bit condescending to me.

Oh well.
[/mini rant]
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It's just some stupid drawings, get over it!
If I drew funny pictures of God or something, not many would care....
Ugh. I'm tempted to draw pictures of Gansta Mohammed or something, just to be a brat. ^^;

Normally I try to be understanding of peoples religions and such, EXCEPT when people get *!HURT!* over STUPID THINGS.

This is why I dislike most organized religions, they teach you to hate anyone that has a different view from you, and to hurt them. THIS IS BAD!

Religion should not be a weapon, it should be a faith.

Religion should be about love, not hate.

I can understand being upset about it, but that doesn't mean you should hate/hurt innocent people that had nothing to do with it.


(Hugs the world, cuz it obviously needs it)
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I've stated this before, but I'm annoyed right now, so I repeat myself.

1. Just because I Kiss someone doesn't mean I am having sex with them.
Ugh!. Gosh. If I *DID* have sex with everyone I've ever kissed, I'd have had sex with
about 100 people. To me, that's unfathomable. Drop a zero off that and the number is
still too high...(not that you all really needed to know that, but...)

2. Just because I'm not totally monogamous in the traditional sense, does not mean I have/want to have sex with everyone with a pulse.
Come on, really. I wouldn't have time for work or a social life or sleeping if I did
that... Seriously though, Don't assume... I tend to be rather attached to my partners,
and discriminatory in choosing them (read: Choosy/picky).

Bleh. People who assume they know everything about me from one little detail they learn about me are irritating, particularly when they are quite wrong.
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language thing, bitchy lady

I went to this new pizza/italian-ish place across the street from my work. someone brought me a menu and I figured I'd check them out since they had vegan pizza right on the menu. So I was sitting down eating my food (which was kinda meh, I may not go there again) and the waitress says to the people at the table next to me "Your antipasto will be out in just a moment" and the lady starts yelling "I didn't order PAS-TA, I ordered a SAL-AD" in that way that people do when they think the person they are talking to doesn't know the language they are speaking and starts this rant about how people should learn English if they come to this country. (waitress was hispanic, patrons were average pale blonde things) The waitress explains that antipasto is Italian for salad or veggie appetizer, and then goes on her way. and the lady says to her friend "How the fuck was I supposed to know antipasto means salad?!"
and proceeds to rant about "well, why don't they just call it a salad?"

I should have told her she was a bitch and that the world doesn't revolve around her.
I bet if tested, that waitress speaks/writes better English than the stupid bitch... Her English sounded better to me at least, And worlds more polite.

It is slightly entertaining, under the grr factor, that the words in question were words derived from a language other than English(NVM that English is 80 borrowed anyways) in the first place. besides, it is so rare to find someone that doesn't know what antipasto means around here....

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*#&*#( I hate large companies sometimes...

So, I had a contract with *Large Company* (heretowith *LC* for short) which expired back on the 21st of december, where i had them auto deduct $X from my account each month. I even called *LC* in December to verify the contracts end and that i was paid in full, not trusting them. So colour me only kinda surprised when low and behold, I check my bank account this morning to find a debit of $X+10 in my account from *LC*

After being on hold for 27 minutes ( since i was annoyed, i counted) I got ahold of *LC* and they explained that while my account was closed, they automatically change the account status to a month to month contract(which has a $10 surcharge!) unless you tell them otherwise( that being the whole point of me calling back in dec.) after lots of attempting not to yell at poor CS girl who prolly doesn't get paid enough, eventually i think i got it totally closed and got the debit refunded. we will see come febuary 21st i guess.


It makes me wonder how many people they are taking money from each month that aren't noticing because they don't keep good tabs on their bank account....
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Why I hate smokers...

Walking from the transit station to work, a mere 2 1/2 block walk, I counted 38 cigarette butts laying on the ground. In an area where there are trashcans every 15-30 steps.
Is it that fscking hard to walk 10ish steps to put the butt in a trash cans!?!??!?!?!?
I wish i could stuff their butts in a trashcan! Grrr.
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