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Is there anyone fortunate enough to have friday off work that wants to come see POTC with me in the early afternoon? I get outta work at 1 and would like to go as soon as I can after work. ^.^

alternately, anyone free to see it saturday night, assuming I can keep myself away from the theatre that long?
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Going to baycon or fanime?

Catch a ride!
Wanna go out to dinner but nowhere near sounds yummy? Need to run to the store for something and don't wanna lose your precious parking spot? Wanna con hop? Need an emergency trip to a fabric store for some bit of broken costume? Need to print flyers at kinkos and have no way to get there?
Know ashi and want to see the inside of his car actually clean?

Your problems can all be solved with one simple call!

Get a Ride!

No cost, though tips are encouraged!
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Anyone planning to be bored on March 21st during the day? There is a Beethoven performance I want to go to, but I don't wanna go by my lonesome. Most of you are probably at work then, but I figured I'd try :)
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Who is NOT sitting in front of a TV all day sunday staring at men tackling eachother?

Anyone want to hang out? I was thinking a picnic if weather is permitting, and maybe movies if not (is there anything good out, I haven't checked?) No firm plan, but since I'm sure a few of you will be stuck with nothing to do....?
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Postcard Brigade!

Me and Tiamat Have a big pile of postcards and various old stamps.
This means it is postcard brigade time!

Want a postcard, either leave me your address here (comments screened so only I can see it) or email me at thespatula@livejournal.com :) we will be sending them out in 8 days :)

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So the time has come....

Even though he hasn't posted about it, ashi is doing the Chinese New Years party down in LA at anime LA. *I* however, have to work, so I can't go.

So, got to thinking, and I would like to try to put together a local CNY party, as traditional.
Date: Jan. 28th

The problem is WHERE. Since the doubletree has started charging for parking, it is no longer a convienent party locale, as we have for the past few (3?) years. So....

Anyone have ideas?
It would be nice to be somewhere with internet access, so we could do streaming video party to party. :)
Big floppy couches are prefered, as we tend to cuddle pile at some point :)
decent sized table for gaming
Kitchen for making dinner would be nice, but not a need.

Looking for:
Someone's house
Hotel that won't kick out a small not too noisy party
anywhere else you think it might work

For those that are not in the know(if there are any?):
our parties are always drug free and usually alcohol free, and tend to be rather mellow affairs.

This particualar party will have a vague asiany theme. Asian style dress encouraged :) Rice crackers and such will be served. We often end up watching at least one jackie chan movie, cuz we can :)
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Food and Fun?

I was thinking about heading out after work either tomorrow or thursday and going to sushi or thai in downtown MV (and visiting shops, of course). Anyone want to Join me?
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would anyone be interested in catching pride and prejudice with me tomorrow(sat) night?
I wanna go, but I don't wanna go by myself.
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