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Moving Day

Moving day(and my Birthday) is Sept 26th. Who wants to help and what do I need to bribe you with? Need both Vehicles to move things and people to move them. Food and water will be provided of course.

Wow, PETA sucks

They have a new billboard showing an unflattering picture an obese woman in a bikini with the caption "save the whales, lose the blubber and go vegan"

Bed for sale!

Full size. Super fluffy pillow top. with Boxspring $150. was $600 a little over a year ago.

Also, If I get desperate enough, I may sell my EEE, if anyone is interested?

anyone with money love me?

I need $1000. Halp?
I should be able to pay it back pretty quick, 3 months maybe?


My Home printer won't print bigger PDF files. No Firemware or driver updates available, I think it just doesn't have enought memory any more. I will need to upgrade it. Boo.

Kitties love sunbeams

So which out shopping today, I picked up one of those lightbulbs that are supposed to imitate natural sunlight.

The lighting in my living room has always been somewhat dark and befitting a vampire's lair. Even with 2 lamps with the 26w/100w energy savers.

It looks so much better now! I'm going to have to go get more for all my lights I think, and at minimum my other living room lamp.

And it fools the cats! Toki is basking in it's light right now :)

I caved to peer pressure

I gots a facebook. Friend me, yo!!

Song by a band whose 3500 dollar guitar was broken by baggage handlers and united didn't compensate one penny.

sing a little song

som som som in som ni a... la la la cant sleep i got in som ni a!


forgot cell at home. Email me if you need to find me