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Mini Rants

Why is it that most mixed veggie things with broccoli have Cauliflower too? Broccoli is so yummy and cauliflower is so gross. Plus is makes me think of broccoli that Bunnicula has gotten, so it has no vitamins or nutrients any more!

And while I am ranting about food. why can't "no sugar added" just mean no sugar added anymore? They should say "artificially sweetened" instead if they are using fake sweeteners. I keep almost buying the wrong canned fruits because I want the ones with no HFCS, just canned in their own juices, but I keep seeing "No sugar added" and thinking it is the same thing, but it is sweetened with Splenda. I saw no sugar added tea today too, and it was with Splenda, when I was hoping it was actual unsweetened tea. PPfftttt.


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Dec. 28th, 2009 07:10 pm (UTC)
Cauliflower, with enough cheese, resembles something edible. Broccoli cannot be saved, and pollutes all which comes near it.
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