March 27th, 2009

corbin sink

Props to Corbin

As usual, Corbin was hanging out by the sink when I was getting ready this morning.
I opened the medicine cabinet and there was a daddy long legs chilling out on a web between my deodorant and face moisturizer. Corbin promptly attacked and ate it.
He saved me! hehe. I don't dislike daddy long legs spiders, but I felt loved that he killed it :)
corbin sink

I'm a bad mommy :(

Poor Corbin!
So I stopped at home briefly to drop some things off before going out again for about 3 hours. I opened the pantry and Corbin snuck in without me noticing. I came home and the poor thing was meowing his little brains out :( He was stuck on the cereal and kitty treats shelf at least, so he had torn a box open and used it as a litterbox, and tore open the treats to eat. My poor baby :(

hopefully he will at least learn not to do that again. I've almost locked him in there a few times before.