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eventful day !

My eventful day,

6:10- Alarm goes off - I cringe as I wake up with a migraine
6:10-6:40- hit snooze, not awake enough to do anything else
6:45 - call boss, mumble something into her voicemail, go back to sleep
10:30 - wake up to dual cat breath, stare at both cats staring at me
11:00- find energy to get up, feed fuzzies, stumble back to bed
13:00- wake, notice head feeling some better, stare at computer, notice cats are being weird
14:00- get dressed and walk to grocery store and do shopping
15:30- while walking home, run into small boy crying on side of road - investigate
His sister was 'possed to meet him at the bus stop and she wasn't there and he didn't know how to get home. He was wary of a stranger (good boy!) but I managed to get him to calm down a bit and was about to call police when his sister finally came running up.
16:00 get home, put away groceries and cook some food, notice cats are still being weird
16:30- 20:00 - play games and IM people and be generally useless, while eating too many ginger cookies
20-21:00 chat with todd and discuss weird cats
21:00- wrap presents, find too much amusement factor in the fact that the wrapping paper brand I bought is "PolyWrap"
21:30- attempt to buy something online, foiled by lack of verification (the second time this week) i call bank, and discover i never gave them my new address. ooopppssss. hmm and it took me 5ish months to discover this error.
21:58 - write this silly entry

Buahahaha PolyWrap!
My mirgraine is still threatening to come back, grrrr. my head feels foggy, and loud noises are making me cringe.
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