Time Management

I am annoyed at my time management skills currently. I have to keep my house clean, be social with friends, and still try to find time to read and sleep.

I can go out with friends, but then my house is messy and i don't get enough sleep. I can stay home and clean, but then I miss the interactions. I haven't really gotten a ME day to relax except when I had a migraine...

Maybe I can hire a maid and become great friends with her....

Or find a magic job that is 4days a week instead of 5...

(no subject)

anyone good at fixing toilets or know someone who is? The seal on my toilet tank failed tonight in a bathroom is a swimming pool kinda way. and I soooo don't have the money for a professional plumber


I swear my car has "HIT ME" in car-speak written on it somewhere. got rear ended again. back and neck hurt like hell. car is fine except maybe some bumper damage.

someone should take pity on me and bring me ice cream treats. I want drumsticks, or dibs or anything ice cream covered in chocolate like

nervy spaz

I'm starting to get super nervy about my surgery Tuesday. It will be the first time I've been under full anesthesia. 'What if's' are evil thoughts.... It should go fine, I should only be at the hospital about 6-8 hours total. I have family and friends that will be there for me during and after. And hopefully my quality of life will be back to what it was before thanksgiving. It will take a month to recover, but i hope it is worth it.
so much to take care of before though. making sure mortgage and bills are all paid, that i have everything i need at the house, that the house is clean. that there is enough cat food and litter . I know i have people taking care of me, but I don't want them to do more than they have to.

Mini Rants

Why is it that most mixed veggie things with broccoli have Cauliflower too? Broccoli is so yummy and cauliflower is so gross. Plus is makes me think of broccoli that Bunnicula has gotten, so it has no vitamins or nutrients any more!

And while I am ranting about food. why can't "no sugar added" just mean no sugar added anymore? They should say "artificially sweetened" instead if they are using fake sweeteners. I keep almost buying the wrong canned fruits because I want the ones with no HFCS, just canned in their own juices, but I keep seeing "No sugar added" and thinking it is the same thing, but it is sweetened with Splenda. I saw no sugar added tea today too, and it was with Splenda, when I was hoping it was actual unsweetened tea. PPfftttt.

washer and dryer

I has a washer and dryer free to good home. money would be cool if you have it, but if you don't you can still have them.
old, but they work well. dryer is gas.


I hate the scent of the winter holidays. (grump)

Can't shop at Lucky or hallmark already.